Software publishers Lines




Software publishers Product Lines

51121_L35000 Information technology (IT) technical consulting services
51121_L35050 Custom computer application design and development services
51121_L3505035051 Web site design and development services
51121_L3505035052 Database design and development services
51121_L3505035053 Customization and integration of cross-industry application software
51121_L3505035054 Customization and integration of vertical market application software
51121_L3505035055 Other custom application design and development services
51121_L35250 Application service provisioning
51121_L35300 Business process management services
51121_L35500 Information technology (IT) technical support services
51121_L3550035501 Software-related technical support services
51121_L35600 System software publishing
51121_L3560035601 Operating systems software publishing
51121_L3560035602 Network software publishing
51121_L3560035603 Database management software publishing
51121_L3560035604 Development tools and programming languages software publishing
51121_L3560035605 Other systems software publishing
51121_L35650 Application software publishing
51121_L3565035651 General business productivity and home use applications publishing
51121_L3565035652 Game software publishing
51121_L3565035653 Cross-industry application software publishing
51121_L3565035654 Verticle market application software publishing
51121_L3565035655 Utilities software publishing
51121_L3565035656 Other applications software publishing
51121_L35700 Resale of computer hardware and software
51121_L35760 Information technology (IT) related training services
51121_L39000 Merchandise sales
51121_L3900039035 Sale of merchandise, excluding computer hardware and software
51121_L39500 All other receipts
51121_L3950039527 All other receipts

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