Petrol & petrol product merchant wholesalers Lines




Petroleum and petroleum products merchant wholesalers (except bulk stations and terminals) Product Lines

42472_L10200 New and rebuilt automotive parts and supplies, and trailer parts and supplies
42472_L10250 Petroleum products marketing equipment
42472_L10300 Tires and tubes
42472_L11700 Hardware
42472_L12320 General-purpose industrial machinery, equipment, and parts
42472_L12350 Oil well, oil refinery, and pipeline machinery, equipment, and supplies
42472_L14860 Grocery specialties
42472_L15330 Chemicals and allied products, excluding agricultural chemicals, plastics, industrial and natural gases, liquefied petroleum (LP), and petroleum
42472_L15400 Refined petroleum products, excluding liquefied petroleum (LP)
42472_L1540015411 Aviation gasoline
42472_L1540015412 Motor gasoline
42472_L1540015413 Special naphtha
42472_L1540015414 Jet fuel, naphtha or kerosene
42472_L1540015415 No. 2 distillate fuel oil, including no. 2 diesel and no. 2 heating oil
42472_L1540015416 All other distillate fuel oil, including no. 1 and no. 4 diesel and heating oil
42472_L1540015417 Residual fuel oil, including no. 5 and no. 6 heavy diesel
42472_L1540015418 Lubricating oil and greases
42472_L15420 Liquefied petroleum (LP)
42472_L15500 Crude oil
42472_L15520 Other petroleum products, including asphalt, road oil, and wax
42472_L15800 Farm supplies
42472_L1590015912 Cigarettes
42472_L19700 Service receipts and labor charges, including installed parts
42472_L19810 Miscellaneous commodities
42472_L19940 Rental and operating lease receipts

The Report entitled, Petrol & petrol product merchant wholesalers Lines (Ref: 42472 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.